Online Courses

I'm the primary instructor for the Coursera Specialization in GIS, which is composed of the following five courses (free to take for no grade). Teaching on Coursera is a wild ride since you reach tens of thousands of students from countries all over the world who speak different languages. It keeps me on my toes, making sure I explain things well to individuals with a wide variety of experience and keep the course materials updated so that students finish the courses with modern skills. I built these courses along with the Online Education group at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (formerly Extension). The courses are designed to be taken in order, or as part of the whole specialization.

  1. Fundamentals of GIS
  2. GIS Data Formats, Design, and Quality
  3. Geospatial and Environmental Analysis
  4. Imagery, Automation, and Applications
  5. Geospatial Analysis Project

In-Person Courses

I regularly teach three courses in person, once a year, with UC Davis Extension:

  1. GIS for Resource Managers and Professionals (a beginner-level course)
  2. GIS for Watershed Analysis: Intermediate
  3. GIS for Watershed Analysis: Advanced

Sample Videos