GIS and Research

I'm an experienced GIS professional, with a primary focus on decision support, remote sensing, automation, optimization, custom software, and tool development. I primarily work in ArcGIS and code in Python using the arcpy package, but also have experience outside of that environment, having completed analysis projects using QGIS and Earth Engine, and visualization projects using Leaflet and D3.

Many of my projects live primarily as code, with results that aren't available as maps or cartographic products. You can browse those projects on the Code page, see a partial list of projects I've worked on at CWS here, and see a selection of other projects below.

Preferred Desktop GIS Systems

  • ArcGIS
  • QGIS

Preferred Web GIS

  • ArcGIS Server
  • Leaflet
  • D3.js
  • Google Earth Engine
  • ArcGIS Online

Selected Projects

  • Coshawk Land Restoration Decision Support
    June 20, 2012
    Maps, Technical
    The Center for Watershed Sciences had a project to model various scenarios for land restoration in the Cosumnes River floodplain, largely in the context of the Swainson's Hawk. Toward the end of the project, we wanted to develop a...
  • Time Lapse Hydrography (Streamlapse)
    September 29, 2012
    Code, Technical
    Time Lapse Hydrography - Tuolumne and Clavey Rivers 2012 with Temperatures from Center for Watershed Sciences on Vimeo. Our office put out time lapse cameras and data loggers on many rivers in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains in an attempt...
  • Rim Fire Comparison Viewer
    September 30, 2013
    Technical The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences has long term study sites at the confluence of the Tuolumne and Clavey rivers, near where the Rim Fire of 2013 started. As part of these long term study sites, we captured...
  • Tuolumne Meadows Virtual Field Trips
    July 14, 2014
    As part of a class where students gained extensive experience in the field, my colleague Sarah Yarnell led a team of researchers at the Center for Watershed Sciences that developed a virtual field trip as a pre-field trip teaching...
  • PISCES Software
    February 27, 2015
    Code, Maps
    PISCES is a set of ArcGIS tools and data for managing and analyzing the ranges of California's 133 native fish taxa. Data is stored as a standard relational database, increasing the power over many typical GIS approaches, and allowing...
  • PISCES Species Range Interactive Map Viewer
    October 11, 2015
    I built a web map viewer for the PISCES California fish species range data. The data is served by ArcGIS Server and the viewer is a mix of a coworker's custom map viewer that uses the ArcGIS API and...
  • Crop Economics Data Exploration Map
    November 30, 2015
    Maps For this project, I guided a first time web mapper in how to present the data visually and how to implement that presentation in code. The map uses Leaflet and D3 to provide interactive visualization of California economic data...
  • Baton Rouge Flooding Detection
    August 19, 2016
    In response to flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a result of storms in August 2016, we detected flooding using satellite imagery to determine the extent of inundation as it compared to mapped floodplains. The darker blue shows flood...
  • Baton Rouge Flooding Static Map
    August 19, 2016
    I created this static map as part of Nicholas Pinter's Natural Hazards Mitigation Group's analysis of flood inundation in the 2016 flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The corresponding interactive map can be found here.
  • Hazus Flood Modelling
    December 30, 2016
    I led a team of people using FEMA's Hazus-MH (Multi-Hazard) software to model flood risk to 2 dozen Illinois communities as part of a larger project to measure perceived vs actual risk of flood in those communities. Hazus can...
  • Watershed Analysis in GIS: A Spatial Workbook
    January 14, 2017
    Maps, Projects, Teaching
    I receive a number of requests for additional instruction from former students who have taken one class or another. I decided to combine my tutorials for water and ecosystem analysis in ArcGIS into a single book on LeanPub, which...
  • Amaptor - compatibility layer
    February 2, 2017
    I write a lot of spatial data analysis code using ArcGIS's Python package, arcpy. Sometimes we need to automate map generation as part of that work, but with the split of the arcpy.mapping library between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro,...
  • Hurricane Harvey Flooding Extent
    September 1, 2017
    After Hurricane Harvey hit, the Natural Hazards Research Group wanted to assess the extent of the flooding as it related to mapped floodplains, as part of ongoing research into flood insurance and hazard mitigation nationwide to inform the National...